Experience Alkmaar and the surrounding area


Apartment Com-In is located in the heart of Alkmaar. A city with a rich history. This can still be found in the contemporary street scene. You will be amazed while walking through the city. Because the historic canal houses, many large but also small churches, beautiful courtyards and of course the famous Waagtoren take you into the history of Alkmaar. If you want to know more about it, we recommend a visit to the Stedelijk Museum. You will find it on the Canadaplein.

Shop "till you drop in Alkmaar. Alkmaar was voted the nicest shopping city in the Netherlands in 2017, and for good reason. The famous fashion chains can be found in the Langestraat and on the Laat. Do you want to browse small boutiques? Then go to the Old City.

Alkmaar, known for the weekly cheese market on the Waagplein. You visit the cheese market for free, every Friday morning from late March to early September. Of course you can taste and buy cheese here. Tip: also visit the Cheese Museum, located in the Waag itself.

From the water you experience the city very differently.

With the tour boat, boarding at the Mient, you can tour the city and also sail along Com-In. Or rent a boat yourself and determine your own route.

For more information about the activities and places of interest in Alkmaar and surroundings, we refer you to VVV Hart van Noord-Holland, which you will find at Waagplein or online.


There is also plenty to do in the near environment of the Com-In apartment. Forest, dunes and beach can be found nearby in Bergen, Egmond and Schoorl. Take a walk, come paddle in good weather or explore the dune area by bicycle.

The Broeker Auction is located in Broek op Langedijk. This is the oldest sail-through vegetable auction in the world and dates from 1887. A unique look at how people used to trade with local products such as cabbage.

For those who have not previously visited the Netherlands, a visit to the Zaanse Schans should not be missed. Here you go back in time to the Netherlands of the old times. Characteristic Zaanse wooden houses, the first grocery store of Albert Heijn and the well-known windmills come together here.

Only visit a mill? That is also possible! Schermerhorn Museum Mill

Tourist information for places of interest in and around Alkmaar can be found online.